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Di Muzio, Tim. 2007. The 'Art' of Colonisation: Capitalising
Power and the Ongoing Nature of Primitive Accumulation.
New Political
Economy 12 (4, December): 517-539.

THE ARTICLE: . . . what many critics of the war on terror or US
imperialism have so far failed to appreciate is how this project would

be impossible without the capitalisation of the state. In this
I therefore want to suggest that Marx&rsquo;s
re-theorisation of the concept
of primitive accumulation, combined
with a non-Marxist theorisation of
state power offered by Jonathan
Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler, can help us
account for the intimate
connection between ongoing primitive
accumulation and the
capitalisation of the US government. . . . I try to
show that we can
accept their novel theory of capital as a capitalised
commodified form of power, but argue that the concept of primitive
accumulation still has considerable analytical value for theorising the

extension and depth of capitalist social property relations within
across political jurisdictions.


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