Re: [OPE-L] glossary for V1 of _Capital

From: Ian Hunt (ian.hunt@FLINDERS.EDU.AU)
Date: Mon Jan 07 2008 - 18:58:11 EST

Dear Paul,
I am confused: what you give sounds like a definition of accumulation
that requires another term for cases where C increases but V does
not. What is the term you propose for that, since it does not count
as 'accumulation' by your definition?

>This is it and I don't know of anyone before me who defined accumulation of
>capital like this:
>  "Accumulation of capital is increase of wage-labor with associated
>constant capital".
>I'm pretty far along in a book around this issue.
>--On 1/7/2008 3:00 PM +0100 GERALD LEVY wrote:
>>Hi Paul Z:
>>(The following question does not relate directly to what Jurriaan
>>wrote or what is in the glossary:)
>>From our previous discussions I recall that you used a different
>>expression than accumulation  of capital to refer to a situation
>>where the quantity of money productively invested in capital
>>grew but where the quantity of V remained constant.  What
>>was that expression again?  I forgot.  And where did that
>>expression originate?
>>In solidarity, Jerry
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