Re: [OPE-L] the life and death and Andrew Glyn

From: Simon Mohun (s.mohun@QMUL.AC.UK)
Date: Mon Jan 07 2008 - 11:33:58 EST

Hi Jerry,

I'm just back from ASSA in New Orleans. The Richard T. Ely lecture (on
what to do about global warming) was given by Nick Stern - now a Sir and
a Lord - to a crowded audience. He prefaced the lecture by explicitly
dedicating it to Andrew Glyn (whose funeral in Oxford had been that

Obviously URPE members in the audience will have known whom he was
talking about - I don't know about the rest though. It will be
interesting to see if the dedication appears in the print version in the

Either way, it was a generous tribute.


> Who will remember the passing of radical economists?
> The death of Andrew Glyn still hasn't even been noted
> on the 'capital-and-class' discussion list.
> The death of Glyn hasn't been noted on the 'Historical
> Materialism' yahoo group or other yahoo groups (e.g.
> MeltdownIII) where you would have expected it would
> be.
> It wasn't mentioned on LBO-Talk or Marxmail or
> aut-op-sy.
> It was noted on PEN-L because Jim Devine forwarded
> the 'URPE-Announcements' message from Bob Pollin.
> No discussion there.  On the URPE list, one person
> wrote a post.
> Does someone have to come from the same intellectual
> tradition and have the same perspective on value and
> crisis theories to discuss the loss of another radical
> economist?
> In solidarity, Jerry


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