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Date: Fri Jan 04 2008 - 08:27:47 EST

This letter reminds me of David M. Gordon
- who did something similar
for unions in
the US.
In solidarity, Jerry

> Letter: Andrew Glyn
> Dave Feickert
> Friday January 04 2008
> The Guardian
> Dave Feickert, former head of research, NUM, writes:
Andrew Glyn
> (obituary, January 1) was one of the economists who
went to the aid of the
> mining communities against the pit
closures of the 1980s and 90s. Their
> solidarity was vital in
making the independent review procedure work. This
> was about
all we gained during the 1984-85 strike.
> With their
help, we won cases against closure, but sadly the National Coal
Board - later British Coal - went ahead anyway. Andrew, the first academic

> economist to join the fray, in 1984, was at first a little
surprised to
> receive a call from Arthur Scargill, but within
the week he was working
> with us to produce The Economic Case
Against Pit Closures.
> If his and our arguments had
been listened to, the UK would not now be
> facing a serious
energy crunch. Andrew showed time after time that for the
> UK to
become an importer of most of its fossil fuels would have a serious
> impact on the balance of payments. Even now, a small industry could
> rebuilt using clean technology and carbon capture in an
> sound manner.
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