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Subject: new foundation book
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Date: Tue,
January 1, 2008 1:12 pm
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Call for Papers:

The Critical Study of Foundations

(As part of the series Studies in Critical Social Science, Brill

Edited by:

Michael Barker, Political Science, Griffith University, Australia

Daniel Faber, Sociology, Northeastern University, MA

Joan Roelofs, Political Science, Keene State College, NH

Since their creation in the early 20th century, general purpose
have been criticized as controlling, dominating,
cultural imperialist, and
hegemonic. Radicals have argued that even
their most admirable undertakings
serve primarily to steer dissent
into safe channels and postpone necessary
social change. There have
been a few important publications in this vein in
recent years, but
far more investigation is needed to throw light on the
(which often prefers to remain in shadow).

volume seeks contributions on the theme of foundations as hegemonic.
We assume that their programs, investments, ideology, and processes are

primarily designed to protect and enhance the wealth and power of
the global
elite; evidence that supports or challenges this is
relevant to our project.
How can their vast power be reconciled with
the democratic premises of
equality and government by the people?
How do they co-opt movements and
dissenters while leaving the
unfunded nonconformists to slow extinction? We
welcome contributions
from all nations, and concerning varied spheres of

Some topics include (but are not limited to):

* Higher education
* K-12 public
* political culture and "buzzwords"
media, including internet publications
* International
non-governmental organizations, including world social
International governmental organizations, including the United
* Civil rights and feminist organizations

* Social service provision
* Newer foundations, such as
* Radical foundations
* Corporate foundations
Comparing conservative and liberal foundations
* Science and
* Investments of foundations
* Foreign policy

Please submit a 500 word title and
abstract/proposal by March 1, 2008,
outlining the theoretical
framework, main points, and methodology of your
paper to Joan
Roelofs (joan.roelofs@verizon.net).

First drafts
of papers will be due August 1, 2008

ideally will be no more than 35 pages, written in English, and
submitted electronically in Word or RTF format. Guidelines for
preparation can be found at

Questions may be addressed to: joan.roelofs@verizon.net

Studies in Critical Social Science, www.brill.nl/scss

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