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Subject: Pluralist Economics Review
- January 2008

Economics Review
the best of free-access economics

January 2008

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Global Inequality and Global Macroeconomic, James
K. Galbraith
The Erosion of Employment-Based Insurance: More working
families left uninsured, Elise Gould
Mexican Economic
Liberalization: The Project and the Realities, Alicia Puyana Mutis
Monetary Policy Independence, the Currency Regime, and the Capital
Account in China, Eswar S. Prasad
Austrian Economics and the
Political Economy of Freedom, Richard M. Ebeling
CAFTA: Issues,
Implications and Lessons for the Smaller Economies of Latin America and
the Caribbean, Esteban Perez Caldentey
Income Distribution and
Sustainable Economic Development in East Asia, Medhi Krongkaew and Ragayah
Haji Mat Zin
AER current issue

Life-Cycle Prices and
Production, Mark Aguiar and Erik Hurst
Antitrust in Innovative
Industries, Ilya Segal and Michael D. Whinston
JEI current issue

A Survey of Full Employment Advocates, Gertrude Schaffner
Goldberg, Philip Harvey and Helen Lachs Ginsburg
Principles of
Institutional-Evolutionary Political Economy ? Converging Themes from the
Schools of Heterodoxy, Phillip Anthony O'Hara
JEL current issue

Interesting Questions in Freakonomics, John DiNardo
Obstinate Passion of Foreign Exchange Professionals: Technical Analysis,
Lukas Menkhoff and Mark P. Taylor
CJE current and forthcoming issues

Fiscal policy under New Labour, Malcolm Sawyer
The turn
in recent economics and return of orthodoxy, John B. Davis
current issue

The Economics of Dowry and Brideprice, Siwan
Bankruptcy Reform and Credit Cards, Michelle J. White
Forecast Targeting as a Monetary Policy Strategy, Michael Woodford
Paying Respect, Tore Ellingsen and Magnus Johannesson

Shorter Articles

Globalization and American Wages: Today and
Tomorrow, L. Josh Bivens
The Gains from Trade: How big and who gets
them? L. Josh Bivens
The Characteristics of Offshorable Jobs [USA],
Jared Bernstein, James Lin, Lawrence Mishel
Investing in the
Economics of Climate Security, Nick Mabey
Monetary Policy in an
Interdependent World, Sandra Pianalto

New Orleans January 4-6,

Debate on Microeconomics , January 4th,
2:30 pm , location to be announced: Guerrien, McCloskey, Benicourt, Case,
Moseley, Katzner, Foley

The Economics Profession

The Nature of Heterodox Economics, Tony Lawson
A big picture for
teaching macroeconomics principles, Peter Kennedy
Plato's Republic
and liberal economic education for the twenty-first century, Jeffrey
The Economy

United States: Recession Coming,
Richard Berner and David Greenlaw
Unprecedented increase in
inequality, Jared Bernstein
Globalisation: sleepwalking to disaster,
Ann Pettifor
The Malthusian energy-trap: old Europe, new China,
Christoph Neidhart
How to pay for a free press, Andre Schiffrin
Economics in the News

Mankiw Criticized by His Former
Teaching Fellow, Chronicle of Higher Education
Economics Debaser
At Least He Admits They (We?) Exist, Quest

Econophysics and Sociophysics, reviewed by J.
Barekely Rosser Jr.

The Global Economy's
Inevitable Hard Landing , Nouriel Roubini
The Benefits of US-China
Strategic Economic Dialogue, Henry M. Paulson
The pain of
globalisation, Jared Bernstein and Josh Bivens
Tax breaks for
billionaires , Randall Dodd
Economists' Blogs

Dean Baker

Brad DeLong
Paul Krugman
Greg Mankiw
Mark Thoma
Dani Rodrik
Naked Capitalism
International Political Economy Zone

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