Re: [OPE-L] OpenSource: a "new source of communism"

From: Paul Cockshott (clyder@GN.APC.ORG)
Date: Thu Dec 27 2007 - 11:40:28 EST

Quoting glevy@PRATT.EDU:
Perhaps I should have said 'significant' not major there. I will try and get an
estimate for the first question. It is inherently hard to estimate this since
free software will not be counted in any capital stock. And when one asks what
percentage of software is free, what is ones unit of measurement?
Is it the amount of lines of code?
Is it the usage of the software?
Is it the number of distinct programs?

> > 1. Free software is a major part of the means of production.
> Hi Paul:
> Major or minor but growing?
> * What percentage of the total means
> of production would you
> estimate software
> as a whole to be?
> * What percentage
> of the total amount
> of  software is free?
> In
> solidarity, Jerry

Paul Cockshott

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