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Just for the record, in making the remark I did, I was expressing a wry, grudging wonder at aggregate Dutch financial skill (and the skills of the Chinese and Jews in this area of endeavour) - if you look at the actual labour force participation rates, it is a wonder how such a relatively Dutch small workforce can generate and redistribute so much money, the trading ability as such is impressive. That is all. 

As regards my views on ethnic questions generally, I have sent you my opinions in more detail off-list. I am of course prepared to debate ethnic questions on-list, but I am more inclined to explore them, rather than debate them. 

Most ethnic prejudices in my experience are explicable purely in terms of not-knowing, in which case you are better off learning on the basis of social equality, than debating. I am not very interested in moralistic, unctious, quasi-religious or "politically correct" discourses about the subject. I agree that my turn of phrase "could be interpreted" as aggravating to some, and will therefore refrain on-list with these remarks.


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  I was going to send the following to the list but decided to send it to
  you individually instead. 

  Comradely, Jerry



  The overwhelming majority of Dutch, Chinese, and Jews are members of 
  the working class.  

  Even if you qualify the statement below with "bourgeoisie", I don't
  think it's the case that the bourgeoisie from these nations/groups
  are any more adept at money-making than the bourgeoisie from 
  other nations/groups.

  In solidarity, Jerry

  >  As far as making money is concerned, the Dutch can slog it out with the Chinese and the Jews for now, in a more egalitarian society.

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