Re: [OPE-L] Marxist Books on Political Economy to Chinese

From: Paul Cockshott (wpc@DCS.GLA.AC.UK)
Date: Tue Dec 04 2007 - 05:16:23 EST

These are some that I suggested to him


Bettleheim              -- Calcule Economique et formes de propriete 

Dickinson               -- Economics of Socialism

Farjoun and Machover    -- The Laws of Chaos, 

Sraffa                  -- Production of Commodities , if he has not
already appeared in Chinese 

Dieterich               -- Socialismo del siglo XXI ( in German and
Spanish ) 

(1956) ( Italian and French editions so far ) 

Bordiga                 -- Dialogue avec Stalin (1952)

Cockshott & Cottrell    -- Towards a New Socialism.

Baran and Sweezy        -- Monopoly Capital

Braverman               -- Labor and Monopoly Capital




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Dear Al,


Referring to 'Western' material


Undoubtedly Grossman's "Law of Accumulation....,


Rosdolsky's "The Making of Marx's Capital


Matticks " Marx and Keynes

Marcuse " Reason and  Revolution"

'Che' Guevara's  'Apuntes criticos a la Economia Politica' ( Cuba 2006)
has a real go at the way in which the USSR managed its economy and will
cause a stir when it gets circulated in English.

Carlos Tablada's 'El Pensamiento economico de ernesto che guevara'  (
29th edition!! 2005), not sure whether its in English, is a classic.



I don't think we need  a motivation to include these.



Good hunting 




Paul Bullock

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        > Subject: [URPE] Marxist Books on Political Economy to Chinese
        > Dear URPE members,
        > I have been asked on behalf of URPE to collect a list (50 or
100 or
        > more) of important Marxist or radical books (and their
authors) of Political
        > Economy (broadly defined, as we do in URPE) to turn over to a
group in China
        > that is translating them to publish in Chinese over the next 5
years. Please
        > send me titles of books you think would be important to have
translated into
        > Chinese, to reflect Marxist and radical Political Economy from
the West,
        > what is important in it, etc - including specifically books
you might have
        > written that would be in that category.
        > In solidarity, Al Campbell

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