Re: [OPE-L] 2008 Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference (and other topics)

From: GERALD LEVY (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Sun Dec 02 2007 - 13:48:50 EST

> Nice to see you at Bertell's Marxist Colloquium Jerry.  
Hi Tony T:
It was good, of course, to see you -- and David L -- 
as well at Bertell Ollman's Marxist Theory Colloquium 
which is held once per month during the academic year 
at NYU.  David's been going for years and so knows a lot 
more about it.  This month the speaker was Joel Kovel 
addressing the topic "Reflections on the Zionist Lobby:
Theory and Practice".  I  thought it was a good talk, 
and while I definitely agree that anti-Zionists are
often falsely accused of being anti-Semitic, I must
admit that Joel's suggestion near the end of the 
discussion period that a huge % of billionaires are
Jewish [!] wade me wince.  His suggested way of verifying
his claim - that one google "Jewish billionaires" [!] - I
found  very unconvncing.  Last month, Rick Wolff gave
a talk on the Soviet Union - David wasn't able to attend.
> I am attaching information regarding our 2008 Critical Perspectives Conference on Accounting Conference.  
Thanks for remembering to tell us about that.
> There are four events in one; and what might be of particular interest to "the list" is the European Critical Accounting Symposium (ECAS) scheduled for Thursday April 24, 2008, all day.  We typically have good labor process people from the UK, Europe (the UK isn't really part of Europe -- it just joined the EU to destroy it) and the U.S. (Stanley Oronowitz 
> and Randy Martin have both spoken at previous ECAS meetings).  The remainder of the CPA meeting may be of interest, as we in accounting are alway looking for our (next) historical moment for the next a surgical strike (from Enron to Subprime).  
On the "Neo": I was about to suggest that Marxists shouldn't be too attached to names, however, a few years ago, Mandel stayed with me years ago during a visit to the then New York Marxist School.  This was later rebranded as the Brech Forum -- to my disgust. I guess there is something to a name worth defending. <
THE NYMS hasn't disappeared: it's now a sort of subsidiary of the BF:
> I've always thought that "neo" was a positive attribution (but I really depends on whose mouth it comes out of).
You can usually tell quite easily if it is intended as an insult, 
a neutral designation, or a 'positive attribution'.
In solidarity, Jerry

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