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Subject: The Society for the Philosophical Study of Marxism
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The Society for the Philosophical Study of
Marxism will be presenting the following panel at the December APA Eastern
Division meeting, and we hope you'll attend and participate in this
important discussion. I have also listed below the exciting panels we have
lined up for the 2008 Pacific and Central APA meetings. Please pass this
information along to interested colleagues and friends.

to see everyone there!
Pete Amato, for the SPSM executive committee


APA Eastern Division, Baltimore, Maryland,
December 27-30, 2007: Session-GXII-3 Sun., December 30, 1:30-4:30, Dover B

Development and the Critique of Capitalism

Chair: Matthew Whitt (Vanderbilt University)

Scott Zeman, (Vanderbilt University), "Marx, Fetishism, and

Kathleen Eamon, (Evergreen State
College), "Work in the Aftermath of the Real Subsumption of
Production by Capital"

Forrest Perry, (Vanderbilt
University), "Marxist-Deweyan Growth"


APA Pacific Division, Pasadena, California,
March 19-23, 2008: Session date, time, location to be announced

Why Wealth is a Poor Concept

Chair and
Commentator: Tom Jeannot, (Gonzaga University)

Jeanne A.
Schuler and Patrick Murray, (both Creighton University), "Why Wealth
is a Poor Concept"

Patrick Murray,
"Foundations for a Marxian Theory of Capitalist Modernity"


APA Central, Chicago, Illinois, April 16-19,
2008: Session-GV-6 Sat., April 19, 12:15- 2:15pm, location TBA

Globalization, Capital, and World Poverty

Forrest Perry (Vanderbilt University)

David Schweickart
(Loyola University Chicago), "Global Poverty: Alternative
Perspectives on What We Should Do- And Why"

Engelskirchen (Iowa State University), "Transforming Property"

Tony Smith (Iowa State University), "Technology and
Globalization: A New Stage in World History?"


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