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Date: Wed Nov 21 2007 - 13:16:58 EST

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Subject: Support Movement for Justice in El Barrio // New Book
from the Zapatistas

Compaņeras and Compaņeros,

A new
book of Zapatista communiques is coming out very soon and
for Justice in El Barrio will be selling it to help spread
and to raise funds to continue our transnational struggle.
If you
buy the book directly from us, 50% of the proceeds go towards
Movement's fight for justice. If you wish to support us this way,
please let us know so that we can reserve a copy for you. The book
will be available beginning December 1st. You can reserve a copy by
sending us an email at movementforjusticeinelbarrio@yahoo.com.

The Speed of Dreams- Selected Writings 2001-2007
Insurgente Marcos and the Zapatistas

Since the publication of
Our Word is Our Weapon – which Publishers
Weekly described
"as strong as dignity and as subtle as love" –
Mexico's Zapatistas have written some of their most brilliant and
complex works.
From a retelling of indigenous myths and legends,
visions of the future of Mexico, from searing critiques of the
war in Iraq, to
clandestine radio broadcasts from the
jungles of Chiapas, here is an
amazing selection
of writing
that gives voice to the literary and poetic genius of the

Publisher City Lights Publishers Format
ISBN-10 0872864782
ISBN-13 978-0-87286-478-8
Publication Date 2007

List Price $17.95

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