Re: [OPE-L] (new book) Ernesto Screpanti, _Libertarian Communism_]

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Mon Nov 19 2007 - 16:28:09 EST

Hopefully, this will be easier to read. /Jerry


I got a pleasant surprise in the mail today - a copy of
NEW book _Libertarian Communism_. As an added bonus he
included a
paperback copy of _The Financial Institutions of
Capitalism_ (I didn't
know thatbook was even available in pb).

See the following for details:

At the above, you can access a PDF file with the Contents, Ch. 1
("Communitarian Communism"), and a name index. I read the
copy of the book and made commentsso I'll be interested to
how -if at all - my comments led to (presumably, minor) changes

in the book. Even without any changes I think it's an excellent
idea for a book and I would encourage others on the list to get a copy.

Howard (now in Iowa, a stone's throw away from Tony S) also
made some nice comments which appear on the back cover.

very handsome book, I must say. A hardcover, though, and not
cheap. Hopefully, - like his other book referred to
above - it will
come out in pb. If the priceis low enough, I'd
consider adopting it
as a text in a class I teach on "Capitalism &
Socialism" at Pratt Institute. Also, I think it's a good book to

use to engage anarchists and autonomists in discussion. And, for
that matter, _any_ socialists who are concerned about the nature
of socialism would benefit from a critical reading of this book.
Indeed, it would be a good choice for a socialist study group.

In solidarity, Jerry

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