[OPE-L] Conference on "Flows of People and Money across the World-System"

From: GERALD LEVY (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Sun Nov 18 2007 - 10:20:22 EST

> V. ASA Political Economy of the World-System Section> > Annual Conferences> > A) Call for Papers> > The XXXII Political Economy of the World-System> > (PEWS)> > Conference will take place 24-26 April, 2008, at> > Fairfield University, in Fairfield, CT. The organizers> > of the PEWS Conference invite papers relating to the> > theme, "Flows of People and Money across the> > World-System."> > Keynote Speakers: I. Wallerstein (Yale U.) (April> > 24, 2008), and Ramón Grosfoguel (UC Berkeley) (April 25,> > 2008).> > A focus on the migration of people attempts to> > address the migration literature and invites people who> > study the multiple experiences of migrants across different> > zones of the world -system to enter into a dialogue> > with worldsystems analysis. The central goal of this 
>> conference is to> > create multiple spaces for conversations about the> > movement of people across the world -system and, in> > symbiosis, the money flows that create the> > structural conditions in which the migration process occurs.> > The four sub-themes to be addressed in four different> > panels are: flows of people; flows of money; the> > incorporation of immigrants and immigrant> > experiences; and the intersection between migration 
>> studies and studies of  global finance.> > The Conference organizers invite abstracts on these> > four sub-themes as part of the overall theme> > elaborated above. Paper topics could include any of the> > following:> > 1. Flows of people> > - What are the past and current dynamics of mass> > migration?> > - How are different regions dealing with various> > migration pressures?> > - What are the current theoretical and> > methodological> > issues that allow those in the field of migration> > studies to  understand present dynamics in the 
>> world -system?> > - To what extent do past migration flows explain> > current trends?> > 2. Flows of money> > - What is the significance of remittances of various> > migrants from the core to the periphery?> > - What are the consequences of Foreign Direct> > Investment and Portfolio Investment in the Triad as> > well as in> > the Periphery?> > 4> > - What are the implications of the recent> > deregulations of financial markets across the> > world-system, and the> > link with migration flows in the world-system?> > - What are the challenges related to the> > Dollarization> > in parts of the Periphery, the emergence of the> > Euro, financial speculation in World Cities, or the future> > of Petrodollars?> > -What relationships exist between the liquidity> > roles of banks, financial fragility and economic growth in> > the long run?> > - How will foreign capital penetration impact future> > standards of living in the periphery?> > - What is the relation between foreign direct> > investments and mass migration in the world system?> > -How does NAFTA create a context for differential> > treatment of skilled migrants, goods and flows of> > money on> > the one hand and unskilled migrants on the other> > hand?> > 3. The Incorporation of Immigrants> > We invite papers in this section pertaining to the> > following topics:> > -human smuggling & trafficking;> > -the differential incorporation of migrants;> > -racism and discrimination towards immigrants;> > -the gendered dimension of migration;> > -migrant laborers and state practices;> > -public policies and asylum seekers;> > -unions and immigrants;> > -the future of dual citizenship; and> > -the transformation of immigrants into ethnic> > minorities.> > 4. The intersection of migration studies and studies> > of global finance> > The last panel will attempt to reflect upon the> > intersections of broadly conceived migration studies> > and the> > analysis of financial flows. Theoretical and> > methodological reflections as well as case-studies> > in  which both topics are addressed (e.g. the Argentine crisis of> > 2002; the significance of remittances) are welcome,> > including papers that invite reflection upon past and present> > challenges to the world-system perspective, most> > notably in how to successfully incorporate migration studies> > and the analysis of financial flows into the evolving> > paradigm.> > Please send your 2-3 page proposals (abstracts) or> > entire paper as an electronic attachment to:> > pews2008@...> > Alternatively, you can contact the Conference> > Organizers by mail:> > Dr. Terry-Ann Jones & Dr. Eric Mielants> > Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology, Donnarumma Hall> > 212 Fairfield University> > 1073 North Benson Road> > Fairfield, CT 06824, USA> > The deadline to submit proposals is December 31,> > 2007.> > Participants whose papers have been accepted will be> > provided with free lodging and free meals for the> > duration of the conference, which is free and open> > to  the public. Tenured and tenure-track participants> > are  encouraged to seek funding from their home> > institutions for transportation to the conference in> > Fairfield, CT. 

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