Re: [OPE-L] The Advisory Committee

Date: Sun Nov 18 2007 - 04:11:40 EST

I have just received word from Alejandro that he too has resigned
from the Advisory Committee. Hence, there is no longer an AC. I expect
that we will re-constitute an AC (or a committee by another name) in the
future but with a clearer understanding by all concerning the
responsibilities,  rights, and realities (i.e. it can be
very time consuming, certainly more so that Alejandro and others thought
at the time they agreed to serve the AC) of AC membership. In the
meantime, we will revert to the form of list administration that existed
for most of our history.

Off-list comments or suggestions on this topic are especially welcome.

I wish to thank Alejandro for his service to the list.  Like Allin,
he was unfairly abused and insulted.  AC members (and I) have  put up
with an incredible amount of off-list abuse - going back a period of
years. Alejandro, to his credit, continued to serve the list in the face
of that and I highly commend and respect him for it. He remains, of
course, a valuable member of the list.

In solidarity, Jerry

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