Re: [OPE-L] statement by Fred: Enough already!

From: Gary Mongiovi (MONGIOVG@STJOHNS.EDU)
Date: Fri Nov 16 2007 - 13:06:14 EST

I really have to say that if this goes on any longer I'm gonna have to drop off this list. 
For what it's worth, while I think it's regrettable that Ajit has left, I didn't observe anything in Rakesh's posts that crossed the line into unacceptable incivility, certainly nothing that merits suspension. I look forward to his return. 
But I really don't want to hear any more about this business, which has now become tedious. People have had their say; it is clear that there will not be a meeting of the minds, and that further discussion will resolve nothing. The choice is to leave it alone and return to serious discussion of political economy topics, or to watch a pissing contest play itself out. If the latter route is taken I'm outta here--I just don't have time for it.
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From: OPE-L on behalf of Dogan Goecmen 
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Subject: Re: [OPE-L] statement by Fred

	> He did not leave the list particularly because of Rakesh.
	Your accessment is not accurate and is based on incomplete
	knowledge of the situation."
	Okay, say I accept that.
	> But if you think so that would be another reason to suspend somebody
	> from the list.
	> It is the age of internet dictatorship, isn't it?
	"Let us be clear, Dogan:  have I EVER -- either on-list or off-list --
	threatened you with suspension or even hinted at that?"
	Is the matter just me? We all as sort of Marxian scholars try to learn from one another. 
	At least among us there should be some kind of ethical rules, some sense of justice.
	This is what I miss on this list.

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