[OPE-L] statement by Fred

From: Fred Moseley (fmoseley@MTHOLYOKE.EDU)
Date: Fri Nov 16 2007 - 09:12:36 EST

Dear Comrades,

I herby resign from the OPE-L Advisory Committee, because Jerry ignores
our decisions and does what he wants to do anyway.  In this most recent
episode, and in several other episodes, both Allin and I objected to
Rakesh’s suspension from the list, but Jerry suspended him anyway.
Thus the “advisory committee” is a farce, and a huge drain on my time,
with no effect.

Jerry argues that Rakesh “violated the January agreement” in this
recent episode and in other episodes.  But in our Januray discussions,
I objected to the prohibition against responding to or mentioning Jerry
and Ajit, because I think such a prohibition contradicts the comradely
nature of our list.  And I especially didn’t like the extension of this
prohibition beyond explicit comments to “innuendo”.  But I accepted
this prohibition, at Jerry’s insistence, in the spirit of compromise.

But I had no idea that Jerry would interpret “innuendo” so broadly.  In
the recent episode, started by Ajit, “innuendo” has been stretched to
“second order innuendo” – Rakesh is not allowed to respond to Ian who
was responding to Ajit.  This is not what I had in mind in our “January

Also, on several recent occasions, Rakesh has been suspended for trying
to respond on-list to charges made against him, including Ajit’s recent
flame.  Rakesh’s attempts to defend himself on-list are interpreted by
Jerry as a “violation of the January agreement”, and he is suspended as
a result.  I think this is unfair treatment of Rakesh.  If charges or
flames are made against Rakesh on-list, then he should have the right
to defend himself on-list, at least once, and that doing so is not a
“violation of the January agreement”.

I hope this can be resolved peacefully, but I am fed up with the waste
of my time.


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