Re: [OPE-L] Suspension

Date: Fri Nov 16 2007 - 00:18:13 EST


Whether Rakesh did or did not initiate this exchange is besides the point.
 He violated list policy and must be held accountable for his actions.
The policies which Rakesh has been suspended for were all agreed to by
consensus by the AC and muyself.  In addition, he himself agreed to adhere
to the January agreement.  These policies were re-discussed recently and
re-affirmed by the AC.

It is unfortunate indeed that any comrade is involuntarily suspended from
membership.  At least one listmember recently took exception to the list
policy.  If others on the list believe that the treatment of Rakesh is
unfair and/or unwarranted then -- as I said the other day -- we can have
an open, frank, full,  public, democratic discussion of Rakesh's status
in which everyone on the list can participate followed by a vote.

*After* there is agreement on what to do about Rakesh, then should others
wish to do so, we can have an open, frank, full, public discussion on the
actions of the list coordinator and/or other list administrators followed
by a vote of confidence or no confidence.  Should we decide to have such
on-list discussions followed by a vote, then we would have to figure out
how to organize the voting process as we have not had a full vote of the
membership on any question previously. I think, though, that the technical
details could be worked out and we could - should we wish - have these

I apologize to all of you who would rather read and discuss about theory
and politics than procedure.  However, I believe I have acted properly, in
accordance with agreed upon list policies, and defended the list.

In solidarity, Jerry

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