Re: [OPE-L] The Integrity of the Archives

Date: Thu Nov 15 2007 - 16:19:37 EST

> There's no problem with the archive; you should not be posting
> this sort of thing to ope-l.


That is not for you (alone) to determine.  The role of  "current
maintainer" of the archives is entirely a technical one.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and archives readers to
preserve the integrity of the archives.  Only in _very_ rare cases
where there is a pressing need have posts been deleted from the
archives. We should not have a revisionist historical record of
our discussions: they are what they are (the good, the bad, and -
yes - the ugly).

As you know, as list coordinator I have had the primary responsibility
of deciding these questions.

In the current instance, the posting by Ajit was sent with his
specific authorization.  As you know, he had been a member of
the list for many years and I think he had the *right* to inform
others why he was resigning.

Do not do this sort of thing again: the archives belong to the list,
not the current maintainer.

In solidarity, Jerry

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