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>Betreff: Info: “Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies” book
>Datum: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 15:55:59 +0100
>Von: Oliver Ressler <oliver.ressler@chello.at>
>The exhibition project “Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies”
>Oliver Ressler focuses on diverse concepts and models for alternative
>economies and societies, which all share a rejection of the capitalist
>system of rule.
>The book “Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies” is a
>collaborative effort of the artist and Wyspa Insitute of Art
>(www.wyspa.art.pl), following the presentation in the “Health and
>Safety” exhibition at Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdansk, 2004 and shows the
>current status of the ongoing project.
>It includes an introduction by Aneta Szylak, the new essay “Questions
>from an Artist Who Speaks (and Reads, Writes, Thinks, and Acts)“ /
>“Pytania od artysty który przemawia (a także czyta, pisze myśli i
>działa)“ by Gregory Sholette, and the following texts, which are based
>on transcriptions of video interviews that were carried out by Oliver
>Ressler for the project between 2003 and 2007:
>Chaia Heller: Libertarian Municipalism / Komunalizm Libertariański
>Takis Fotopoulos: Inclusive Democracy / Demokracja inkluzywna
>Michael Albert: Participatory Economics / Ekonomia uczestnicząca
>Heinz Dieterich: The Socialism of the 21st Century / Socjalizm 21. wieku
>Paul Cockshott: Towards a New Socialism / W kierunku Nowego Socjalizmu
>p.m.: bolo’bolo
>Marge Piercy: Utopian Feminist Visions / Utopijne idee feministyczne
>Ralf Burnicki: Anarchist Consensual Democracy / Anarchistyczna
>Demokracja Konsensualna
>Maria Mies: The Subsistence Perspective / Perspektywa naturalna
>Nancy Folbre: Caring Labor / Praca opiekuńcza
>Christoph Spehr: Free Cooperation / Wolna Współpraca
>John Holloway: Change the World Without Taking Power / Zmieniaj świat
>bez przejmowania władzy
>The Zapatista Good Government / Dobry Rząd Zapatystów
>Todor Kuljic: Yugoslavia’s Workers Self-Management / Samozarządzanie
>robotników w Jugosławii
>Salomé Moltó: Workers’ Collectives during the Spanish Revolution /
>Kolektywy robotnicze podczas rewolucji hiszpańskiej
>Alain Dalotel: The Paris Commune 1871 / Komuna Paryska 1871 roku
>The book is published under Creative Commons license.
>Editors: Aneta Szylak (Wyspa Insitute of Art) & Oliver Ressler, 240
>pages (20 pages in color), languages: English and Polish, ISBN
>EUR 18,- (+ EUR 7,35 postage fees)
>Purchase inquiries: oliver.ressler@chello.at (only Euro-zone) or
>This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the
>European Union. The contents of this document are the sole
>responsibility of Wyspa Institute of Art and Oliver Ressler and can
>under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the
>European Union.
>For detailed Information on the exhibition project “Alternative
>Economics, Alternative Societies” please check out www.ressler.at

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