[OPE-L] Historical Materialism 2007 Provisional Conference Timetable (revised)

From: GERALD LEVY (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Tue Oct 30 2007 - 14:16:28 EDT

>From: Sébastien Budgen <sebastien.budgen@wanadoo.fr>
>Subject: Historical Materialism 2007 Provisional Conference Timetable
>Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 16:52:38 +0100
>>Fourth Historical Materialism Annual Conference
>>9–11 November 2007
>>at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, WC1
>>In association with Socialist Register and the Isaac and Tamara Deutscher
>>Memorial Prize Committee
>>The annual Historical Materialism conference is organised by the editorial
>>board of Historical Materialism in association with the Deutscher Memorial
>>Prize committee and the Socialist Register. The conference has become an
>>important event on the Left, providing an annual forum to discuss recent
>>developments on the agenda of historical-materialist research and has
>>attracted an increasingly high attendance over the past three years. While
>>there is no call for papers this year, the Editorial Board of Historical
>>Materialism welcomes attendance and active engagement in discussion with
>>panellists from new as well as prior participants with an interest in
>>critical-Marxist thought.
>>One of the principle objectives of the conference has been to build
>>bridges among the various Marxist communities, including the breaking down
>>some of the linguistic and intellectual barriers which continue to hamper
>>the circulation and expansion of critical-Marxist thought. The fourth
>>annual Historical Materialism Conference promises to continue and take
>>forward this objective.
>>The conference is organised around three plenary sessions (the Deutscher
>>lecture, the launch of the Socialist Register 2008, and Historical
>>Materialism’s plenaries) as well as workshops dedicated to specific
>>themes. Some of the themes for the panels include: the labour process,
>>neoliberalism and class, cinema (including film screenings), Gramsci,
>>finance, utopia, Israel & Palestine, political economy, the 90th
>>anniversary of the Russian Revolution, social movements, materialism &
>>philosophy, world development, art & politics, slavery, Marx’s Grundrisse,
>>postcolonialism, Islam and the American Empire, value theory, Debord and
>>the society of the spectacle.
>>Attendance is free. However, the conference is entirely self-financed and
>>we will depend on voluntary donations by attendants and participants to
>>support the event. The suggested advanced online donation is £30 for waged
>>and £10 for unwaged < http://mercury.soas.ac.uk/hm/conference2007.htm>,
>>and the suggested donation on the door is £40 for waged and £15 for
>>The Editorial Board of Historical Materialism

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