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Date: Mon Oct 29 2007 - 09:14:01 EDT

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In solidarity, Jerry

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> A short reply to Alan Freeman:
>> The
TSSI refutation of the Okishio theorem is an argument about logic:
>> whether Marx's reasoning is logically inconsistent as alleged,
or not,
>> as TSSI proves.
> Freeman uses
TSSI Magic above. He claims that "Marx's reasoning" has been
> proved to be logically consistent but - like the 'magic' employed
> magicians - there is a slight of hand.
Now you see the Okishio Theorem.
> Now you see Marx's reasoning.

> Voila!
> The Okishio Theorem has been refuted!
> The deception - which we know is purposeful since it has
been called to
> their attention on many occasions previously -
is what they claim to be
> Marx's reasoning is not.

> The same kind of magic is employed by K-M in their article on
the TP.
> It seems to be magic indeed until you realize that
their magic is only
> accomplished through the trick of assuming
that prices of production in
> period analysis in Marx's theory
can change for reasons other than those
> specifically identified
by Marx. This magic requires one to suspend logic
> and forget
that Marx used the word 'only'. It is, in fact, an attempted
*correction of Marx's theory which anyone can see for themselves if they

> watch *closely* what has been done. Like professional
magicians, they are
> only able to convince others (a gullible
few) because the audience _wants_
> to believe that there is real
magic at play.
> Then there is the V = 0 assumption.
With this assumption, TSSI authors
> attempt feats of magic. Yet,
look closely at their formulas and the
> meanings of those
formulas where V = 0.
> Q. What is the TSSI rate of
surplus value where V = 0?
> A: 0, of course (unless you believe
that surplus value can be created in a
> system without
> Q: What is the TSSI organic composition
of capital where V = 0?
> A: C / 0, of course.
> Q: What is the TSSI rate of profit where V = 0?
> A: S /
C, of course. Thus, we have a theory purports to "reclaim" Marx

> which posits a condition where surplus value is created
exclusively by
> means of production!
Moreover, for TSSI formulas to be true it must hold for _all_ conditions

> in which the formula claims that it _does_ hold for - and that
includes v
> = 0. Hence, the fact that V can equal 0 in their
formulas constitutes a
> *refutation* of the TSSI. The fact that
they even use the V = 0
> assumption at all shows that they have
lost touch with the real subject
> matter: they act like they
live in a magical world where anything is
> possible rather than
in capitalism. Like some magicians they have thus
> forgotten
that what they performing is magic and come to believe
themselves in the supernatural. It is thus entirely fitting that we
> should be discussing the TSSI on the eve of Halloween.

> In solidarity, Jerry

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