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The Advisory Committee issued a statement on January 24, 2007 which stated
in no uncertain terms what our expectations are for Rakesh and what the
consequences would be for violations. See below. We (the Advisory
Committee and I) discussed that policy again recently and informed Rakesh
(once again) that he will be expected to ahere *to the letter* of the
January 24 AC Statement.

We will inform you of further decisions on this matter.

In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: Advisory Committee Statement
From:    ope-admin@ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu
Date:    Wed, January 24, 2007 11:05 am
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After much discussion and deliberation, the AC recommends unanimously
that Rakesh be resubscribed to the list, subject to the terms and
conditions listed below, and Jerry agrees with this decision:

1.  Clear acceptance by Rakesh of Jerry as the list moderator, no
denigration of his performance, and no more calls for his resignation.

2.  No comments by Rakesh about Jerry or Ajit, either explicitly or by
innuendo, or about any of their comments.  The general point here is that
each listmember has the right to request, if needs be, that he or she not
be engaged in debate by specified other listmembers.  When such a request
is made, in a clear and definite manner, it must be honored.
Naturally, we hope and expect that this privilege will rarely be invoked.

3.  Any public accusation of plagiarism on the list, directed at a
fellow listmember, is simply unacceptable and will result in immediate
and permanent unsubbing.  In the very unlikely event that one
listmember has a complaint of plagiarism against another listmember,
this matter should be pursued off-list with the AC.

4.  Now that the AC has a clearer idea of what we mean by "flames"
("deliberately hostile and insulting"; "not intended to advance the
discussion, but to insult other listmembers"), we intend to act much
more quickly and forcefully in the event of future flames.

5.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules.  Violation of any of
these rules will lead to unsubbing for a substantial period of time, to
be determined by the AC and Jerry.

All in all, we believe that given Rakesh's agreement with the above
"compromise", we can move on and have productive discussions.  As John
Holloway said, the right is beating up on us bad enough; we shouldn't
be fighting each other.

The Advisory Committee
   Allin Cottrell
   Fred Moseley
   Alejandro Valle Baeza

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