Re: [OPE-L] Incoherence of the TSSI - consensus?

From: Anders Ekeland (anders.ekeland@ONLINE.NO)
Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 16:20:20 EDT

Hi Jerry,

I've got to be brief:
At 22:44 22.10.2007, Jerry wrote:
>There is more to that particular story than appears on Kliman's web
>pages, but you don't want to hear my side about that.  So I won't
>tell you. I will say that so long as there are pages like that at his
>web site there will be continuing controversies and I expect they
>will spill over here from time to time.

When looking back on OPE-L from 1.1.07 to date, searching for TSSI in
the body of the message, there is two main "outburst" of discussion
of the TSSI, the first triggered by your "defamation den" - and then
this last one "the vote taking".

> > But still I think that Kliman and Freeman is not worse than others in
> > a) logic b) representing the views of their opponents views c)
> > clarifying their own concepts.
>There is lots of evidence to the contrary but you don't want to hear
>about that either.  You just want to make an assertion - which imo can
>not stand up to scrutiny.

To me the main story is pretty clear. When it comes to polemical
style I certainly do not agree with Kliman, it is too reminiscent of
Marx, Lenin and others when they "kill" and ridicule opponents.

But when it comes to substance I think that Kliman grasps his
opponents point of view.

> > That is way I react to Jerry's unprovoked introduction (for the
> > second time) of such topics on OPE-L. They do more harm than good.
>You are wrong about that. I didn't raise the issue of the TSSI this Fall.
>Others did. I simply changed the titles in the subject line from time to

See above - my quick (re)search point in the opposite direction.

> > So Jerry, if you have a war to fight with Kliman and Freeman on such
> > themes, do it in those arenas where you are attacked. Not here.
>I have been attacked here, as you - of all people - well know.

I cannot remember any attack on you on OPE-L from Kliman&Freeman -
they have not been on the list for years. If you have been attacked
by other - direct you counterattack against them.

> > Let's now proceed to discuss if there are any valid points in the
> > TSSI-approach.
>I already dealt with that in my reply to Fred.

Which I very much appreciate.

>In solidarity, Jerry

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