Re: [OPE-L] Incoherence of the TSSI - consensus?

From: Anders Ekeland (anders.ekeland@ONLINE.NO)
Date: Mon Oct 22 2007 - 15:03:43 EDT

At 16:16 22.10.2007, you wrote:
>How about the title of a 2004 paper presented to the EEA

It is no big secret Jerry, that I am very critical of that kind of
titles, which I think do more much more harm to the TSSI cause, than
the kind of "clarity" that they bring. But there is more to that
particular story for those interested, see:

I could add that the paper and the presentation of Kliman at the 2006
AHE conference in London was not done the way I would have done it if
to further the TSSI cause.

>Saying that a perspective represents "vulgar economy" (something that has
>a specific meaning in Marx's writings and is not merely a pejorative) is
>one thing. Saying that one has a critique which is "equivalent to a
>damned lie" is quite another!  If  you don't see the difference, I suggest
>you talk to scholars in other fields.

I clearly see the difference Jerry, don't worry. But as I said - when
should take care not to respond in a similar way.

But still I think that Kliman and Freeman is not worse than others in
a) logic b) representing the views of their opponents views c)
clarifying their own concepts.

In my view Screpanti is very far from Marx, does not grasp the Marx
that I know at all - but there is no need call that lies, one could
just calmly say that one thinks that Screpanti does not have the
proof he claims to have.

My basic starting point is that all those engaging in Marxist
economics that I know are well-motivated and serious - and that we
should take great care to avoid adding this kind of "polemics",
demands for (near) consensus condemnation etc. - to the very real
scientific and political differences among us.

That is way I react to Jerry's unprovoked introduction (for the
second time) of such topics on OPE-L. They do more harm than good. We
all use time on issues that do not deserve so much labour time.

So Jerry, if you have a war to fight with Kliman and Freeman on such
themes, do it in those arenas where you are attacked. Not here.

Let's now proceed to discuss if there are any valid points in the


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