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Their site is <http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?html=268315>
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>From: "Pluralist Economics Review" <pereview@btinternet.com>
>Subject: Pluralist Economics Review  - first issue  34
>Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 14:52:42 +0100
>            Pluralist Economics Review
>                          the best of free-access economics
>                                   November 2007
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>       Articles
>         a.. The Missing Motivation in Macroeconomics,  George A. Akerlof
>         b.. Model Building versus Theorizing: The Paucity of Theory in the
>Journal of Economic Theory,  Daniel B. Klein and Pedro P. Romero
>         c.. Uncovering the American Dream: Inequality and Mobility in
>Social Security Earnings Data since 1937,  Wojciech Kopczuk, Emmanuel Saez
>and Jae Song
>         d.. The American Family and Family Economics,  Shelly Lundberg and
>Robert A. Pollak
>         e.. Growing Inequality in the Neo-liberal Heartland,  George Irvin
>         f.. The Macroeconomist as Scientist and Engineer,  N. Gregory
>         g.. The U.S. Economy: What's Next?,  Wynne Godley, Dimitri B.
>Papadimitriou, and Gennaro Zezza
>         h.. How Well Off Are America's Elderly? A New Perspective,  Edward
>N. Wolff and Ajit Zacharias
>         i.. The Causes and Consequences of Wal-Mart's Growth,  Emek Basker
>         j.. Hedge Funds: Past, Present and Future,  René M. Stulz
>         k.. Introducing Incentives in the Market for Live and Cadaveric
>Organ Donations,  Gary S. Becker and Julio Jorge Elíasb
>         l.. Learning From Schelling's 'Strategy Of Conflict',  Roger B.
>         m.. On the Fundamental Theorems of General Equilibrium, Eric S.
>Maskin and Kevin W. S. Roberts
>        Shorter Articles
>         a.. Science, ideology and development: Is there a 'Sustainability
>Economics'?,  Peter Söderbaum
>         b.. Ten Principles of Feminist Economics: A Modestly Proposed
>Antidote,  Geoff Schneider and Jean Shackelford
>         c.. An orientation for a green economics?,  Tony Lawson
>         d.. What Industries Does Multiple-Equilibrium Trade Theory
>Recommend?,  Ian Fletcher
>        Articles You May Have Missed
>         a.. Let There Be Markets: The evangelical roots of economics ,
>Gordon Bigelow
>         b.. Small is dangerous? Schumacher, science, and social
>development,  Cowan Coventry
>         c.. The Social Science Citation Index: A Black Box-with an
>Ideological Bias?,  Daniel B. Klein with Eric Chiang
>         d.. What Has Happened to the Theory of Games?,  Leonid Hurwicz
>        The Economy
>         a.. The U.S. Economy: What's Next?,  Wynne Godley, Dimitri B.
>Papadimitriou, and Gennaro Zezza
>         b.. Will There Be a Dolar Crisis?,  Paul Krugman
>         c.. The Bubble Economy,  Rober Kuttner
>         d.. The financial crisis: burst bubble, frayed model,  Robert Wade
>       Economics in the News
>         a.. The New Bipartisan Capitalism,  Daniel Morris, The Nation
>         b.. Hip Heterodoxy:, Thomas Palley, Julie Nelson, James Galbraith,
>Brad DeLong and others, TPM Café Debate
>         c.. In Economics Departments, a Growing Will to Debate Fundamental
>Assumptions,  Patricia Cohen, NYT
>         d.. Who You Calling Heterodox?,  Andy Guess, Inside Higher Ed
>         e.. Solidarity No More?,  Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed
>         f.. American trio wins 2007 Nobel for economics,  Reuters
>         g.. Excerpts from the citation of the 2007 Sveriges Riksbank Prize
>in Economic Sciences,  Herald Tribune
>       Viewpoints
>         a.. One Answer to Global Warming: A New Tax,  N. Gregory Mankiw
>         b.. Prizes, not patents,  Joseph E. Stiglitz
>         c.. How to pay for a free press,  André Schiffrin
>         d.. Growth isn't working,  D. Woodward and A. Simms
>         e.. Why Not Shift the Burden to Big Spenders?, by Robert Frank
>         f.. Should We Aspire to a High Score for 'Economic Freedom'?
>Margaret Legum
>         g.. The Entertainment Industry Police Crackdown,  Dean Baker
>        Reviews
>         a.. Creative Destruction vs. the New Industrial State,  Deirdre
>         b.. Is Economics Really All It Claims To Be?,  CFED
>         c.. Reintroducing Macroeconomics: A Critical Approach,  reviewed
>by Ryan A Dodd
>       Obituaries
>         a.. Galbraith's lessons in death,  Evan Jones
>         b.. Milton Friedman,  Financial Times
>         c.. Milton Friedman,  Workers Online
>        Economists' Blogs
>         a.. Dean Baker
>         b.. Brad DeLong
>         c.. Paul Krugman
>         d.. Greg Mankiw
>         e.. Mark Thoma
>         f.. Dani Rodrik
>         g.. Naked Capitalism
>         h.. Vox
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