Re: [OPE-L] Incoherence of the TSSI

From: Simon Mohun (s.mohun@QMUL.AC.UK)
Date: Sat Oct 20 2007 - 09:51:16 EDT

Philip Dunn wrote:
> This is one of M&V arguments.
> "2.2 Example 2: "Proof" that P > O, C [greater than or equal to] 0
> (Kliman & Freeman, 2006: 122) Kliman and Freeman's argument is that,
> under commodity production, no prices are negative and some are
> positive; inputs and gross outputs cannot be negative, and some outputs
> must be positive. Therefore P > 0, C [greater than or equal to] 0. The
> conclusion does not follow. That p and x are semi-positive vectors does
> not imply that their product P is strictly positive."
> Autistically, this is quite correct.

Not a profound argument - I agree. But if K&F rest their argument on
logic, then they have to be logical themselves.


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