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Subject: US Capital Exports in 2007
From:    "Steve Palmer" <spalmer999@yahoo.com>
Date:    Sat, October 20, 2007 12:20 am

Hi Jerry,

This may be of interest to your OPE-L list.

Yesterday, October Survey of Current Business thudded into my inbox. It
contains the latest figures for US International Transactions.

This year, in the first six months, they have already exported almost as
much capital as in the whole of 2006 - $918bn, compared to $1,062bn.

At the rates we've seen for the first half of 2007, this will amount to
roughly $1.8 trn to $2 trn for the year. Depending on how GDP and
corporate profits turn out, this will amount to around 10%-15% of the GDP
and exceed the total US corporate profits.

These are quite extraordinary levels.

Steve Palmer

All figures are $millions

Year               2003      2004      2005      2006

Changes in US    -327,484  -909,539  -446,510 -1,062,896
private assets

Year/Qtr        2006 Q1   2006 Q2   2006 Q3   2006 Q4   2007 Q1   2007 Q2

Changes in US  -345,594  -213,423  -212,474  -291,405  -449,827  -469,003
private assets
(Seasonally Adjusted)

Source bea.gov interactive tables.

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