[OPE-L] Call For Papers on American Fascism!

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Date: Thu Oct 04 2007 - 20:35:25 EDT

From: Radical Philosophy Association
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Subject: Call For Papers on American Fascism!

American Fascism
A Special Issue of Socialism and Democracy

Call for Papers

Many critics of the Bush administration use the term fascist in describing
the regime's policies and the agenda of its rightwing Christian social
base. While fascist might be useful as a general description of the
ideology of the American Right, there are significant differences between
the American kind and the European. This special issue of Socialism and
Democracy asks the question: Where did American fascism come from? And if
not Europe, what American cultural traditions and social formations have
prepared the way for fascist rule in U.S. society? What is the hallmark of
American fascism? Can it be said that American fascism is older than
European fascism? We are open to any critique of fascism in the U.S. but
especially interested in articles on the following subjects:

    The interwar Hegelian Marxist theory of fascism
    A brief history of European fascism
    Affinities between U.S. white supremacism and European fascism
    The African American tradition's early critique of fascism
    An Anatomy of Babbitt, American little man
    The Antifeminism of the Evangelicals: the fascist rhetoric of Christian
    The rise of the Right in the age of capitalist decline
    American sports and the fascist personality
    The American Gangster: the fascist as a social type
    The Civil Rights Movement and the "white backlash"
    The Clinton agenda: fascism in liberal drag?
    New Ghosts: from Communism to Islam
    Resisting American fascism

Articles can be anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Deadline for
submissions is Jan. 15, 2007. Send any queries or proposals to Jonathan
Scott at jonascott15@aol.com, preferably before Nov. 1. Completed
manuscripts should be sent as an attachment to this same email address, in
Word doc format, accompanied by a brief bio.

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