[OPE-L] John O'Neill critique of Market Socialism.

From: Alejandro Agafonow (alejandro_agafonow@YAHOO.ES)
Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 11:10:18 EDT

Have anyone read the Marxian critique to Market Socialism of John O'Neill.
John O'Neill, “Markets, Socialism, and Information: A Reformulation of a Marxian Objection to the Market”, Social Philosophy and Policy, Volume 6, Number 2, 1989.
Do you have a copy of this article?
Herewith you can find an Austrian reply.
Nicolai Juul Foss, “Information and the Market Economy: A Note on a Common Marxist Fallacy”, The Review of Austrian Economics, Vol. 8, Nº 2, (1995).
Kind regards,
Alejandro Agafonow

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