[OPE-L] Juan Inigo's Presentations to the Fifth International Marx Congress

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 09:50:43 EDT

From the marxistphilosophy group. / In solidarity, Jerry


I would like to present to the List my papers for the Congress:

A) The historical determination of the capitalist mode of production
and of the working class as the revolutionary subject, vis  vis the
current fragmentation of the workers' productive subjectivity

Capitalism is the development of human subjectivity attained by
transforming the powers of free individual labor into those of social
labor consciously organized by the collective laborer who privately
performs it. The working class faces its own product, the ability to
organize production scientifically, as an alienated power. With its
free consciousness embodying alienation, the working class takes
the contradiction inherent in the socialization of private labor
beyond its limits, until revolutionarily organizing labor as a direct
social power. Any fragmentation within the universality of the
working class reasserts the private character of labor, thus
procrastinating the supersession of capitalism.


B) Scientific method: logical representation vis  vis dialectical
reproduction (i.e., the consciousness dominated by alienation for
believing itself an abstractly free one vis  vis the consciousness
that advances in its freedom by being aware of its alienation)

Even Marxists conceive logical representation as the natural form
of scientific method. According to it, the interpretation of reality
constitutes the absolute limit of objective knowledge. Freedom thus
seems to consist in free interpretation. Nevertheless freedom is not
a natural determination but a social relation inherent in the
capitalist mode of production. Within this determination, free
consciousness is the form taken by the consciousness alienated
in capital. Opposed to logical representation, from Marx on,
dialectical cognition becomes the form of consciousness of the
working class able to incarnate the revolutionary powers with which
capital determines the latter. It does so for being the form of
alienated consciousness that is aware of its own alienation and
rules it towards its supersession.



Juan Inigo

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