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The Doctors' Plot

On Saturday June 30 2007, following two parking offences in the
Haymarket area of London the day before, a car fire occurred at Glasgow
International airport.

At 5.50pm it was reported that:

"BBC News executive Helen Boaden, who was at Glasgow airport, told BBC
News 24 that at least at two of the men were restrained by the public.
"A man got out of it on fire - he said there were actually two
Asian-looking men but this guy was the one that was on fire.

"Some holidaymaker tried to restrain him, then the police came over and
wrestled him to the ground - the fire was burning through his clothes -
and finally put him out with a fire extinguisher.

Strathclyde police said four people had been arrested and detained in
connection with the incident."


The number of arrests soon dropped to two and finally to one as it
transpired that the burnt man was never arrested despite appearances:




"British police have not formally arrested Ahmed. British law dictates
that after being arrested, a terror suspect can be held for a maximum of
28 days before being charged or released."


Three names for the burnt man have emerged:

Khalid Ahmed, a Lebanese doctor
Kalil Ahmed, an Iraqi doctor
Kafeel Ahmed, an Indian aeronautical engineer, brother of Sabeel Ahmed
who was arrested and charged for having prior knowledge.

Then there was this strange story.

"MI5 'is keeping bomber alive'

SEVERELY burned Glasgow Airport attack suspect Kafeel Ahmed is being
kept alive on the orders of MI5, senior police sources have told
Scotland on Sunday.

Ahmed has third degree burns to 90% of his body and virtually no chance
of surviving but insiders claim the security services are keeping him
alive to avoid a backlash from radical Muslims.

The 27-year-old doctor is on life support at Glasgow Royal Infirmary but
two separate police sources - as well as medical staff - claim the
decision to keep him alive has more to do with politics than clinical

One insider estimated the combined cost of round-the-clock security and
medical treatment for Ahmed for the month since the attack had reached

On June 30, two men allegedly drove a vehicle packed with petrol and gas
cannisters into the main terminal building at the airport, causing a
huge fire and widespread panic.

Ahmed, a doctor at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley, has been in a
coma since the incident and most burns experts believe he is already
effectively dead. But last week it emerged that special shark skin
implants costing £20,000 were being used to treat his injuries.

A senior police source said: "It has been made very clear to the doctors
by the 'powers that be' that they are to do anything and everything to
keep Ahmed alive."

Another police insider said: "Obviously, MI5 is hoping they will be able
to speak to Ahmed but the possibility of him ever being fit for
interview is virtually nil. The one thing the authorities do not want is
anything to exacerbate the situation and they believe the longer he
lives, the calmer things will get."

Ahmed was originally treated at his own hospital but a few days after
the incident was transferred to the Royal Infirmary where he remains. A
medical source said: "It was MI5 who wanted him moved because, at the
time, they did not know if there were more suspects operating in the
hospital. They made sure that it was known he was to be kept alive as
long as possible."

Glasgow human rights lawyer Amar Anwar said: "It is barbaric that we are
stooping to such levels against this individual, no matter how heinous
the crimes he is accused of committing."

Another leading human rights lawyer, John Scott, said: "It is quite
wrong for anyone to be dealt with differently medically because of who
they are or what they are said to have done. It is entirely
inappropriate to keep anyone alive for political reasons."

The burnt man died on Aug 2.

Is he Kafeel or not? Doubt still persists
Wednesday, August 8, 2007
By Bala Chauhan, Bangalore, DH News Service:

Is the man, who died in the Royal Glasgow infirmary on August 2, really
Kafeel Ahmed?

In a shocking disclosure, a highly placed source from the Crown Office
and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), Scotland, told Deccan Herald that
they can only confirm that “the man who was seriously injured during the
course of the incident at Glasgow Airport on the June 30 has
subsequently died”.

“We have never divulged the identity of the man because we have not been
able to establish it so far. The doctors treating him were more
concerned about his condition than in establishing his identity. He was
in the infirmary with 90 per cent burn injuries. The UK police have so
far not established his identity,” said a source.

The COPFS is responsible for the prosecution of crime in Scotland, the
investigation of sudden or suspicious deaths, and the investigation of
complaints against the police.

When asked why the UK police never contradicted international media
reports that the deceased was Kafeel Ahmed, son of Dr Maqbool and Zakia
Ahmed from Bangalore, he said they were not “aware of the source of
information. We have been maintaining throughout that the man, who died
in the Royal Glasgow Infirmary, is the man involved in the Glasgow
airport attack on June 30,” he added.

The source said contrary to some media reports, no DNA test has been
conducted on the deceased so far. Though the UK police have seized his
documents, they may not be enough to establish his identity. “There
could be a possibility that he is Kafeel but it has not been proved so
far. We are getting in touch with his solicitor in London,” he added.

Steven D’Arcy, communications officer, COPFS, said: “The procurator
fiscal would soon instruct a post mortem on the deceased, and on being
satisfied that a cause of death (and identity) has been properly
established, would authorise the release of the remains to the
next-of-kin, or other persons lawfully entitled to receive them, for

Mother applies for visa to go to UK for Sabeel's trial
Sunday September 2 2007 00:00 IST PTI

BANGALORE: The mother of Safeel Ahmed, charged with having links to a
botched terror plot in Britain, has applied for a visa to go to that
country to be present during her son's trial slated for September 10.

"Zakia Ahmed has applied for a visa to go to the UK as she wants to
attend the trial of her son, Sabeel, who is in the custody of police for
his alleged involvement in the failed Uk terror plot," a senior police
official told PTI on condition of anonymity.

"She should not have any problem in getting the visa," he said,
emphasising that none of the kin of brothers Kafeel and Sabeel had gone
to the UK after they were arrested in connection with the plot.

The body of the man who drove a burning jeep into Glasgow airport and
died of burns after battling for his life for over a month still lies
unclaimed in an infirmary in Scotland, the official said.

Neither [Bangalore] police nor the Ahmed family has received any
communication confirming that the body is that of Kafeel.

UK bombing suspect case delayed
August 13, 2007 - 11:29PM

A court case involving one of Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef's
cousins, who's accused of being linked to the failed London and Glasgow
bombings, has been delayed.

A London judge granted prosecutors an extra four weeks to prepare for
the case against Haneef's second cousin Sabeel Ahmed.

Ahmed, 26, is charged with possessing information which could have
prevented an act of terrorism.

He appeared before Westminster Magistrate's Court via a video-link from
Belmarsh prison during the brief hearing.

Sitting with his arms folded and dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and
long grey trousers, Ahmed listened silently as Judge Caroline Tubbs
adjourned the case until September 10.

Prosecutor Viv Goddard had asked for a four-week adjournment, saying the
case against Ahmed was linked to a larger investigation involving two
other bombing suspects, Bilal Abdullah and Mohammed Asha.

Ms Goddard told the court it was proposed that Ahmed's case would
ultimately be heard in conjunction with those against Abdullah and Asha.

Ahmed's solicitor Nadeem Afzal said he did not want any more delays in
the case.

"I will be asking for this matter to be dismissed should the Crown not
be ready ... on the next occasion," he said.

The cas continues.

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