Re: [OPE-L] dynamic theories (Gravitation Mechanism)

From: ajit sinha (sinha_a99@YAHOO.COM)
Date: Tue Sep 11 2007 - 07:00:07 EDT

--- Ian Wright <wrighti@ACM.ORG> wrote:

> > We work out all such possible market mechanisms
> Ajit, I have not read the paper but two questions
> immediately come to mind:
> 1. How is it possible to theorize "all such
> possible" adjustment mechanisms?
May be we should have written "price induced" market
mechanism, But I thought "market mechanism" meant
"price induced". I understand that your question is
the general one, i.e. how could we claim that these
are the "all"? Here again, what is implicit is
"reasonable". Read the paper, if you find that there
are other reasonable market mechanisms, then let me
know, we would either work them out or delete "all",
and add a footnote to acknowledge the other reasonable
> 2. What is the fundamental reason for the lack of
> asymptotic stability?
I think it is basically complexity. The system turns
out to behave this way. Cheers, ajit sinha

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