[OPE-L] Transitions in Latin America and in Poland and Syria

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>VOLUME 24, Paul Zarembka, ed., Elsevier, hardback, 2007.
>With a world balance of forces in tension, this volume slices the
>political map in two dimensions, the geographical dimension and the
>imperialism/socialism dimension ("socialism", of course, having widely
>varying meanings). As a region, Latin America is in the forefront of
>resistance to imperial schemes, particularly those by the United States.
>Venezuela and Cuba represent leading edges of resistance, and Colombia,
>a leading edge of U.S. hegemony. Chapters addressing the political
>economies of these countries form the first part of the volume.
>Poland has led the anti-Soviet transition into a pro-market realignment,
>a realignment of this country which is particularly oriented toward the
>United States. Syria, on the other hand and even as it moves into a
>pro-market orientation, is subject to particular U.S. hostility. Both
>cases are analyzed in Part II, with the chapter on Poland having
>considerably broader applicability. Also included here is the continued
>deeper penetration of capitalist relations within the United States,
>represented by analysis of the transition of its medical sector.
>For almost a century, stages of capitalism has been an important theme
>within Marxism. The theme is analyzed at the beginning of Part III, and
>connects to the more empirical work represented by the prior six
>chapters. The volume concludes with translation from Japanese of an
>important critique of the classical political economy of Adam Smith and
>David Ricardo, who, in a certain sense, were the leading proponents,
>historically, of the market, of capitalism. Most poignantly, this
>chapter argues that Ricardian value theory opens the door to a vulgar
>system of economic thought.
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