Re: [OPE-L] "Reclaiming" Marx's "Capital"?

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Sat Aug 18 2007 - 16:48:20 EDT

Hi Paul Z:

> The title "Reclaiming Marx's 'Capital'" makes me uncomfortable.

As well it should!

> Is not the subtext for such a title itself a claim that the author knows
> exactly what 'Capital' is about?


> Are we so insecure in our understanding of 'Capital' as a work of living
> scientific research?

It depends on who you mean by "we".

> Why not something more modest like "An Interpretation of
> Marx's 'Capital'"?

You have to consider the source. Modesty is not one of the virtues
of the author or his theoretical tendency, IMHO.  You do recall the
discussion we had about allegedly "Copernican" advances in theory and
"Marx's Marxism", don't you?

Hark!  Do you hear the sound of milions of proletarians on the march
saying that "Marx was correct" - after all - about the "transformation
problem"?  The author - and Alan Freeman - have lost all perspective on
the relative importance of their theoretical endeavors, imo.  They are
in serious need of a reality check.

In solidarity, Jerry

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