Re: [OPE-L] Ajit Sinha and equality versus equivalence

From: Fred Moseley (fmoseley@MTHOLYOKE.EDU)
Date: Thu Jul 12 2007 - 21:58:21 EDT

Quoting Andrew Brown <A.Brown@LUBS.LEEDS.AC.UK>:

> Paul,
> I think you are right except for your last point. Logically, society
> would certainly collapse if the underlying scalar were not
> labour-time. This 'logic' stems from a characterisation of the nature
> of human society, not something that formal logic recognises but that
> is so much the worse for formal logic.
> Andy

Hi Andy,

I think this is an assertion, with good reason, but not a logical proof.
Society would certainly collapse if there were no labor,
but an argument has to be made as to why society would collapse
if the underlying scalar were not labor.  Why does human society
require labor as the underlying scalar?



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