Re: [OPE-L] Bendien

From: Rakesh Bhandari (bhandari@BERKELEY.EDU)
Date: Sat Jul 07 2007 - 20:06:26 EDT

Not receiving mail, so I'll check archive on the response to this
tomorrow.  But
on Selbourne you forwarded him on some topic and then told us that as far
as you knew he was still writing good stuff. Of course what he has been
writing is Islamophobic racism. Then as I remember: as you made an ass of
yourself calling Bina's work a postmodern joke--a wildly inaccurate
comment-- you distanced yourself from Selbourne while recommending
Fukuyama's work on development economics which made Bina scoff at you.
Bina's letter about you remains accurate and your response to him
pathetic. I can't for the life understand why you were allowed to remain
on the list. You made vitriolic anti feminist comments on the old marxism
thaxis list and referred to big black bucks. I found your comments ten
years ago very disturbing.
I cannot believe that you are allowed on this list. You still have not
understood what I think is wrong about your Bairoch entry, but your
eurocentric racist politics come out quite clearly in the single line that
you quote--The West does not need (and for you apparently has never
needed) the third world and that's bad news for the third world. But why
would you quote that line without mentioning Bairoch's emphasis on the
devastation of colonial rule? For the same reason you would slyly try to
make us aware and appreciative of Selbourne.
You don't appreciate the originality of my thought. OK. I do the best that
I can. I teach well, do most of the child care, try to write, try to be a
good partner for someone going up for tenure. I used to do adult literacy
training and volunteer at a reform high school. And once our child is more
grown up, that's what I'll do. I am not political. For that I can be

> You are disturbed. Of course you threatened to sodomize. We'll deal with
> the other issues once you comment on this. What is this about coming to
> New York and.....We'll deal with Selbourne, Fukuyma (forgot about that),
> Bina and me later. Please explain how this is an acceptable response.
> Not one person spoke against your expulsion. You words were quite
> disturbing.
> Rakesh
> To: "Marxmail List" <marxism@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Forwarded from Julio Huato
> From: "Jurriaan Bendien" <J.Bendien@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 02:42:06 +0200
> Mine, you wrote:
> This an insult on the members of the list who have involved in "actual"
> political organizing at various points in their histories. I don't know
>   everybody here, but lou, jon flanders, craven, mark, etc. are such
> examples to my knowledge. How long are we gonna listen to these shitty
> lies and arrogant lenin baiting? or do we have to?
> Are you out of your mind ? We are all friends here, you know, we all want
> the same thing, we're just different people that is all. We are just
> testing
> out a few things. If you had read what I said carefully, you would have
> noticed I have nothing to do with "these shitty lies and arrogant Lening
> baiting". What do you want me to do, come to New York and f**k you in the
> ass ? You got to be kidding, you're just a Phd student. There's a whole
> world out there beyond university. In the words of the estemable William
> van
> Orville Quine, "the university is not the universe".
> I will tell you something about "Leninism". Roundabout 1986, I  helped
> organise a unity conference in Christchurch, New Zealand,  to organise
> united leftwing opposition to the policies of the Fourth Labour Government
> in New Zealand. What was the attitude of so-called "Leninist" parties ?
> - the Socialist Action League: "you are sectarians and opportunists at the
> same time, you're into a get rich quick scheme"
> - the Communist Party of New Zealand: "we're the only vanguard party here"
> - the Workers Communist League: "who are you - you don't have any standing
> in the movement"
> - the Spartacist League of Australia: "Mandel sold out in Afghanistan
> (let's
> drink a bottle of wishky on the stairs)"
> Now these were all people who had studied Lenin, and they couldn't even
> come
> to grips with the political imperatives in their own country (barring the
> Spartacists, who were always somewhere else) !!! That is how I lost my
> faith
> in so-called "Leninism" forever.
> Long live Lenin ! Down with the Leninist epigones !
> Cheers
> Jurriaan

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