[OPE-L] On flaming

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Sat Jul 07 2007 - 17:52:29 EDT


I wouldn't pay much attention to Rakesh. He is just one of those "difficult" people, who revel in intrigue, gossip, smears, slanders and the like. He just projects his own character faults on other people. Over the years I have learnt just exactly what his game is. He isn't truly interested in the growth of knowledge through dialogue, but rather in finding a weak spot in his critics in order to "smash" or "crush" them with it. But if that tactic is turned on him, he cannot stand it, and becomes abusive. He's clever with words and has read a lot of books, but in fact does very little that is original and creative, and you can end up wasting a lot of time responding to his attacks (as I regrettably have had to do, because he becomes so outrageous in his baiting). There are real intellectual heavyweights on this list, but Rakesh isn't one of them.


PS - as at Sept 2006 the membership list of OPE-L included the following scholars, which you shouldn't forget, in case Rakesh messed up your list experience:

Mariko Adachi (Japan)
Paul S. Adler (US)
Michio Akama (Japan)
Samir Amin (Senegal)
Charles Andrews (US)
Chris Arthur (UK)
Alejandro Valle Baeza (Mexico)
Jairus Banaji (UK)
Riccardo Bellofiore (Italy)
Jurriaan Bendien (Netherlands)
Rakesh Bhandari (US)
Cyrus Bina (US)
Patrick Bond (South Africa)
Alberto Bonnet (Argentina)
Andrew Brown (UK)
Paul Bullock (UK)
Paul Burkett (US)
Antonio Callari (US)
Martha Campbell (US)
Reinaldo Carcanholo (Brazil)
Francisco Paolo Cipolla (Brazil)
Bill Cochrane (New Zealand)
Paul Cockshott (UK)
Paul Cooney (Brazil)
Allin Cottrell (US)
Stephen Cullenberg (US)
Suzanne de Brunhoff (France)
Maria de Lourdes Mollo (Brazil)
Dimitri Dimoulis (Brazil)
Zhiyong Dong (P.R. China)
Phil Dunn (UK)
Hans Ehrbar (US)
Anders Ekeland (Norway)
Michael Eldred (Germany)
Howard Engelskirchen (US)
John R. Ernst (US)
Claus Magno Germer (Brazil)
Diego Guerrero (Spain)
Michael Heinrich (Germany)
John Holloway (Mexico)
Ian Hunt (Australia)
Makoto Itoh (Japan)
Seongjin Jeong (S. Korea)
Nam-Hoon Kang (S. Korea)
Claudio Katz (Argentina)
Steve Keen (Australia)
Iwao Kitamura (Japan)
Martin Kragh (Russia)
David Kristjanson-Gural (US)
David Laibman (US)
Costas Lapavitsas (Greece)
Michael A. Lebowitz (Canada)
Chai-on Lee (S. Korea)
Jerry Levy (US)
Joao Machado (Brazil)
Abelardo Flores Marina (Mexico)
Akira Matsumoto (Japan)
Stavros Mavroudeas (Greece)
Terrence Mc Donough (Ireland)
John Milios (Greece)
Ryu Dong-Min (S. Korea)
Simon Mohun (UK)
Gary Mongiovi (US)
Fred Moseley (US)
Marcello Musto (Germany)
Hanno Pahl (Germany)
Fanis Papadatos (Greece)
Leda Maria Paulani (Brazil)
Michael Perelman (US)
Nelson Pinto (Brazil)
N.S. Ranganayakamma (India)
Geert Reuten (Netherlands)
Bruce Roberts (US)
Regina Roth (Germany)
Alfredo Saad Filho (UK)
Catherine Samary (France)
Ernesto Screpanti (Italy)
Anwar Shaikh (US)
Ajit Sinha (India)
Gil Skillman (US)
Murray Smith (Canada)
Tony Smith (US)
Nicola Taylor (Australia)
Tony Tinker (US)
Andrew Trigg (UK)
Persefoni Tsaliki (Greece)
Lefteris Tsoulfidis (Greece)
Brendan Tuohy (New Zealand)
Robert Vienneau (US)
Michael Williams (UK)
Ian Wright (US)
David Yaffe (UK)
Paul Zarembka (US)
Alan Zuege (Canada)

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