[OPE-L] Lenin vs. Bhandarist shopkeeper Marxism and Proyectite philistinism

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Sat Jul 07 2007 - 09:10:17 EDT


Yes, I am disturbed about your filthy slanders, to which you force another
reply, and I am very glad you are leaving OPE-L.

I make no threats of sodomizing anybody, I never have, and I don't make any
threats of violence or sexist comments. You are just slandering again, and
ought to acquaint yourself with what exactly I said. I don't agree with many
of Robert Brenner's and Ellen Wood's arguments either, but I think Louis
Proyect's response to them has been terrible. Proyect and his followers have
a big problem with status anxiety, like you have. They call that "class
analysis" (sic.).

The "desire for my expulsion" from Marxmail was in fact not "universal",
insofar as I received supportive emails at that time, from list members who
strongly objected to Louis Proyect's wife behaving in a totally repugnant
way towards me. Subsequently I returned to that list for a while. But I do
not want to associate with Marxmail anymore, it was a mistake, even although
Louis Proyect still uses my writing unasked, for advertising purposes.  I
have also been kicked off A-list, for denying that Mr George W. Bush - of
whom I am known to be critical - is a "fascist", which sent Messrs. the
leftists into frothy hysteria again. It's always the same - one rule for
themselves, and another rule for other people.

I did not make any "wildly inaccurate comments" about Dr Cyrus Bina. I have
never posted "virulently anti-Islamic comments" to this list, nor am I in
fact "anti-Islamic". I posted something about David Selbourne on OPE-L, and
stated that "I wouldn't share his Toryist vision of the "Islamic threat" and
so on". It's all in the archives, if you want to look at it. I don't
fantasize about your "balls" at all, as far as I am concerned you have none.
It's just your cheap talk.

As I said repeatedly, the reference article on Bairoch is unfinished. I had
to reply to Dr Kliman's sectarianism and couldn't work on it. While I
appreciate Bairoch's conscientious research effort in trying to verify all
sorts of grandiose claims being made about the industrial revolution and
colonialism, I never said I agreed with everything Bairoch wrote. But I
think it is very valuable what he did, even just simply in inspiring others
to do better research. He deserves a good reference article in wikipedia.

I have written some stuff critical of "orthodox Marxism", because I find
it's very often more a hindrance than a help for a real analysis, especially
when you look more closely at the alleged orthodoxy, and discover that it is
spurious anyway. Lukacs proves the exact opposite of what he intends, namely
he proves that dialectical method is incompatible with orthodoxy.

As a matter of fact I don't use hashish nor any other recreational drug,
except shag, coffee, tea and wine/beer. I have hardly used any recreational
drugs in my life, because I care about my brain. Even if I liked taking
drugs, I couldn't, because my paid job requires sustained concentration, and
requires me to stay sober at all times. To attribute what I wrote "evidently
to cheaply available hashish" is just your way of avoiding a coherent
response to what I posted. There is zero "evidence" of me taking hashish.
But there is plenty evidence of your unscholarly and offensive behaviour on
this list.


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