[OPE-L] Michael Lebowitz and Against the Grain

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RE: [OPE-L] Venezuela and Socialist Economic Policy - slidesIf this has not already been posted to the list I wanted to alert folks to a wonderful interview with Michael Lebowitz on Against the Grain.  Against the Grain is broadcast Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays on kpfa in Berkeley and regularly includes in depth interviews with very thoughtful progressive voices.  The host C.S. Soong really does a marvelous job.  You can listen either by googling Against the Grain or going to kpfa.  Michael's interview was on June 25 and is described as follows:

"Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez once spoke of a third way between capitalism and socialism. Now he speaks of building a new type of socialism, a humanist one. In Build It Now, Michael Lebowitz describes what a humanist socialism would look like and examines whether Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution represents a path toward that goal."

But this hardly captures the richness of Michael's discussion.  He talks at length about Chavez's background, self-management, and Marx's vision of socialism as the rich and full development of human capacity.  He also notices subversive elements of this vision in the Venezuelan Constitution.

He's particularly good on self-management, emphasizing the need for connecting cooperative efforts with a broad, national political movement and also on the analysis of organization within the working class in Venezuela, including the communal councils.




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  I attach the slides of the talk I gave at the workshop on 21st century socialism
  in Lara last weekend.

  The slides actually presented were a (rather poor) Spanish translation of these.

  Paul Cockshott



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