[OPE-L] What I find most spectacular about the case of Israel's dirty old president

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2007 - 17:19:30 EDT

"It is a great honour", President Katsav declared in Jerusalem on 14 March
2005,  "to receive Secretary-General Kofi Annan here at the President's
House. I appreciate very much the involvement of Mr. Kofi Annan in the
international campaign against anti-Semitism. I appreciate very much his
solidarity with the Holocaust issue."

Where's the honour now?

On June 28, 2007, Katsav's lawyers reached a plea bargain with Mazuz, who
had to make what is probably one of the most difficult decisions in his
career. According to the deal struck, Katsav will plead guilty to seven
counts of committing an indecent act using force, sexual harassment and
harassing a witness. He will receive a suspended jail sentence, and pay
compensation to two of his victims, one of whom gets NIS 15,000 (about
US$3,525). The more serious rape charges were dropped, in return for the
guilty plea. Mazuz argued that the plea bargain achieved the best results
from the aspect of law enforcement and public interest, and that the
agreement prevented "serious harm to the presidential establishment and to
Israel's image."

"The president has accepted responsibility for his actions," Mazuz told the
press. "The fact is, the case was very complex, and although there was still
a chance of a conviction, with a plea bargain, a conviction is certain even
though it is more limited." He added that the outcome still sent an
important message to other possible rape victims, that they should not be
afraid to submit complaints. By September 21, 2006, the number of women
accusing Katsav of sexual assault had risen to eight, but complaints by five
of the women could not be legally pursued at that time, because the statute
of limitations ran out. What I find most spectacular about the whole affair

1) There's been very little serious media commentary or reflection about the
meaning of Katsav's behaviour.

2) The Christian press has nothing to say about it.

3) The Jesus-loving American government continues to support Israel's
politics, with abundant supplies of weaponry and capital, unabated.

4) Israel itself seems incapable of any kind of coherent, articulate moral
response to what happened, although many Israeli women expressed outrage.

5) They can't in fact decide whether their own president raped, or not.

I was reading the talkbacks in the Jerusalem Post, and I could hardly
believe what I was reading! One blogger wrote though, "How long will we
tolerate this corrupt and immoral leadership? They all act as though they
are above the law, because they are above the law." Well, quite, although
it's not as though Katsav gets away with it altogether.

It left me musing, that the Israeli state is effectively "the penis of
American imperialism".

It don't get my vote.



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