Re: [OPE-L] Ch. 7 as starting point for reading Capital???

From: Riccardo Bellofiore (riccardo.bellofiore@UNIBG.IT)
Date: Wed Jun 20 2007 - 06:51:01 EDT

I think,as Ajit, it is in a French introduction 
to the first book of Capital, this one:


At 20:01 +0930 20-06-2007, Ian Hunt wrote:
>It's in  Lire de Capital in the ointro,
>>A request for help.
>>I think someone on this list (Rakesh, perhaps?) made a comment once about
>>Althusser advising people to start reading Capital from ch.7. Is this right?
>>Does anyone have a reference, or even a quote?
>>Many thanks if you can help me on this.
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