Re: [OPE-L] exploitation and consumption

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Sat Jun 09 2007 - 07:03:48 EDT

> Can anyone on the list give references to these claims?

Hi Dogan:

I would suggest Karl Kautsky's _The Economic Doctrines of Karl
Marx_ as a reference.  "Consumption" and "Circulation" aren't even
included as separate entries in the rather extensive four page "Index"
to the English edition  (London, A. & C. Black, Ltd., 1925).

A few additional  brief comments.

1. Already during Marx's time there was an effort to simplify, popularize,
and schematize his thought.  Recall his famous quip:  "I am not a

2. The emphasis on production -- rather than grasping the unity of
the production and circulation processes under capitalism --   has
a basis in some of Marx's own writings, e.g. the famous "Preface"
to _A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy_.

3.  Volume 2 of _Capital_ was published in 1884 and had less of
an impact on  post-Marx Marxists than Volume 1.

In  solidarity, Jerry

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