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Date: Sun Jun 03 2007 - 08:11:14 EDT

The announcement by Al Giordano (follow link below) makes some
interesting claims about the publishing industry.  They include
comments about international book shipping costs, "Commercial Media book
reviews are overrated", and "Bloggers and Independent Media move books".
There isn't much in the way of statistical evidence, though,  which is

In solidarity, Jerry

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May 31, 2007
Please Distribute Widely

Dear Colleagues,

Narco News Books is proud to announce the completion of printing of
Nancy Davies' new book, "The People Decide: Oaxaca's Popular
Assembly," which is a culmination of Davies' reports and commentary
from Oaxaca for the past year with additional updates.

Narco News today also makes the book available at low group rates and
offers free review copies to bloggers and other independent media

In his announcement of the official release of Davies' new book, Al
Giordano, publisher of Narco News, writes:

"The book is not available on Amazon or other companies like it
(which demand exorbitant profits although they do none of the labor
of creating most of the books they sell) or through any other
commercial distributor. As with everything else we've done at Narco
News, we've cut out the middlemen and mediators to bring the news -
for the first time, now, in book form - directly to the public.

"...And judging from the book's popularity at four events held
already in Quebec and the United States where it was available, Narco
News Books is showing that the middlemen and mediators are
unnecessary for a book to succeed. At the Montreal Anarchist Book
Fair on May 19, seventy-five readers donated to The Fund for
Authentic Journalism and walked away with a gift copy of the book. At
three subsequent events in Montpelier and Burlington, Vermont, 30
more contributed and received the book."

Read the complete announcement of release of "The People Decide:
Oaxaca's Popular Assembly," with some interesting things we've
learned about bypassing the book publishing industry, and also about
special Study and Action packages available now for readers,
organizations - and free review copies for bloggers! - at Narco News:

http://www.narconews.com <http://www.narconews.com>

And you can order your own copy of the book online at The Fund for
Authentic Journalism website:

http://www.authenticjournalism.org <http://www.authenticjournalism.org>

 >From somewhere in a country called América,

David B. Briones
The Narco News Bulletin
http://www.narconews.com <http://www.narconews.com>
webmaster@narconews.com <mailto:webmaster%40narconews.com>

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