[OPE-L] Shukaitis and Graeber ed. _Constituent Imagination_

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Date: Wed May 23 2007 - 17:01:50 EDT

> Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective
> Theorization
> <http://www.constituentimagination.net>
> Edited by Stevphen Shukaitis + David Graeber with Erika Biddle
>  From the ivory tower to the barricades!
> Radical intellectuals explore the relationship between research and
> resistance.
> What is the relationship of radical theory to movements for social
> change? In a world where more and more global struggles are refusing
> vanguard parties and authoritarian practices, does the idea of the
> detached intellectual, observing events from on high, make sense
> anymore? In this powerful and unabashedly militant collection, over
> two dozen academic authors and engaged intellectuals-including
> Antonio Negri and Colectivo Situaciones-provide some challenging
> answers. In the process, they redefine the nature of intellectual
> practice itself.
> The book opens with the editors' provocative history of the academy's
> inherent limitations and possibilities. The essays that follow cover
> a broad range: embedded intellectuals in increasingly corporatized
> universities, research projects in which factory workers and
> academics work side by side, revolutionary ethnographies of the
> global justice movement, meditations on technology from the branches
> of a Scottish tree-sit. What links them all is a collective and
> expansive reimagining of engaged intellectual work in the service of
> social change. In a cultural climate in where right-wing watchdog
> groups seem to have radical academics on the run, this unapologetic
> anthology is a breath of fresh air.
> "These essays present a series of inspiring examples of how to
> conduct research for radical politics both inside and outside the
> university." - Michael Hardt, author (with Antonio Negri) of Empire
> and The Labor of Dionysus
> "This book is one of a kind. This book answers the question of what
> anarchist social studies, as opposed to conventional marxism or
> liberalism might look like. It combines a searching discussion of
> methods of research with substantive issues such as "who is the
> researcher?" Arguing that research is engaged or it is nothing, that
> "academics" who have no commitment to fundamental social change
> generally cannot produce work that illuminates the world and sparks
> the radical imagination, the various authors represented in this
> volume have collectively made a critical contribution to knowledge.
> The introduction is itself a major contribution to our understanding
> of the significance of what the editors call '68 thought', the
> reference being not only to the famous May events in France but to
> the Italian hot autumn of the following year." - Stanley Aronowitz,
> author of False Promises and The Knowledge Factory
> Includes materials from Brian Holmes * Ben Holtzman // Craig
> Hughes // Kevin Van Meter * Antonio Negri * Colectivo Situaciones *
> Gavin Grindon * Maribel Casas-Cortes + Sebastian Cobarrubias * Angela
> Mitropolous * Jack Bratich * Harry Halpin * Jeff Juris * Gaye Chan +
> Nandita Sharma * Ben Shepard * Kirsty Robertson * Bre * Anita Lacey *
> Michal Osterweil + Graeme Chesters * Dave Eden * Uri Gordon * Ashar
> Latif + Sandra Jeppesen * CrimethInc Ex-Workers Collective
> Available now from AK Press: <http://www.akpress.org>

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