Re: [OPE-L] Differentiation and Two Socialist schools of thought

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Thu May 17 2007 - 11:19:02 EDT

It is true that advertisement exploits the sentiments and complexes of
human mind, but is dangerous to think that in a Socialist Commonwealth
these things would be absent. Dangerous because the Planner willing to
reduce the set of goods and services, canceling differentiation, would set
up as a master interpreting our will better than us. Thatís why instead of
prohibiting advertisement we have to make rules to reduce as possible its
manipulation function, for example, setting the appropriate regulation to
guarantee that the information advertised is as technically true as
possible without impeding to reinforce brand loyalty. This loyalty is not
immune to quality whenever non-market barriers are absent.

Hi Alejandro:

There is another alternative.  The process does not either have to be
elitist and directed by "the Planner" or rely on firm advertsing.  The
key, I believe, is to have a participatory, democratic, and less
centralized form of planning: "Planning by the People, Not the Planners".
This would allow citizens to have an input into the (ex ante) decisions
about what to produce rather than relying on "the Planner".   With all of
the advances in information technology, this is much more possible today
than even a few years ago.  Sixty million votes were cast last week to
determine the two finalists for "American Idol":  if people can vote on
that, then they can indicate their ex ante preferences for what goods to
produce in what quantities.

In solidarity, Jerry

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