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There-Is-An-Alternative, Let's Build It Now

Ravi Kumar

Michael Lebowitz, Build it Now: Socialism for the Twenty-First Century,
Monthly Review Press, New York (Daanish Books, Delhi), 2006.

"In the various struggles of people for human dignity and social justice, a
vision of an alternative socialist society has always been latent. Let us
reclaim and renew that vision" (p. 60).


The crisis of capitalism could not be more overt and exposed, but the
instruments of survival at its disposal - both material and ideological -
are also very effective with growing financialisation, commodification and
consumerism. There are stark similarities in the way the welfarist face of
the State has been on wane, along with its increased instrumentalisation in
favour of global capital, in the so-called developed world and the
inappropriately coined euphemistic developing world. At the level of
movements too, if at one moment and place we hear sagas of popular and
sustained confrontation against the global capital, the next we see a
fragmented and weakened struggle against capital.


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