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The following  Society of Heterodox Economists Working papers are now available on-line:

  a..  Power, Profits and the Planet –Fossil Fuel Corporations Putting Profits before planet - Promoting Burning as Usual! Ian McGregor 
  b.. Trade Liberalisation and Production Structure: Intermediate Import Patterns in Turkey, Umit Senesen and Gulay Gunluk-Senesen 
  c.. Escalating U.S. Military Spending: Income Redistribution in Disguise: How Escalation Of War and Military Spending Are Used as Disguised or Roundabout Ways to Reverse the New Deal and Redistribute National Resources in Favor of the Wealthy, Ismael Hossein-Zadeh

  They can be accessed either directly from the SHE Working Papers webpage at:

  or from the SHE homepage:

           To submit a paper, please send to: p.kriesler@unsw.edu.au 
           All papers in heterodox economics, broadly defined, will be considered. 

Peter Kriesler
School of Economics
University of NSW
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