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From: Alejandro Agafonow (alejandro_agafonow@YAHOO.ES)
Date: Fri May 04 2007 - 17:49:49 EDT

Hello Paul!
I have not read it. But I do have read a compilation of articles published back to 60’ in the Cuban Journals: (1) Nuestra Industria. Revista Económica; (2) Comercio Exterior and; (3) Cuba Socialista.
These Journals published articles of Ernesto Che-Guevara, Alberto Mora and Marcelo Fernández-Font debating the classical problem of transition to Socialism. It is the function of the Law of Value in a socialist economy.
The interesting thing is that in the debate participated Ernest Mandel and Charles Bettelheim, replying to those Cuban comrades. Even though the book was published in Spanish by Laia publishing house in Barcelona, the Cuban economist Carmelo Mesa-Lago published a summary of the debate in Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs. I send this last article attached herewith.
Oskar Lange said elsewhere that A. Yugoff in general characterized confronting parts in the debate –not only the Cuban case– as favouring the genetic method or the teleological method.
Best regards,
Alejandro Agafonow

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De: Paul Cockshott <wpc@DCS.GLA.AC.UK>
Enviado: viernes, 4 de mayo, 2007 22:44:17
Asunto: [OPE-L] Che's economics

Has anyone read:
"Che Guevara: Economics and Politics in the Transition to Socialism" by
Carlos Tablada

And if you have read it what do you make of it?

I recall reading, or at least hearing in discussions with people back in the
days of SDS in the late 60s that Che was in favour of replacing money with
calculation directly in terms of value. I have been wondering recently 
if there is any truth in this, and if so what sources there are for his
ideas on it.

Paul Cockshott

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