Re: [OPE-L] The importance of the sraffian standard system in relation with the transformation problem

From: Robert Vienneau (rvien@DREAMSCAPE.COM)
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 14:29:49 EDT

As I understand it, an economy in standard proportions need not be  
growing at the maximum rate of growth. Think what happens if workers  
all their wages, and capitalists consume some of their profits.  
Assume both workers' and capitalists' consumption baskets are in  
standard proportions.

Nor are Sraffa's prices proportional to labor values when the economy  
is in standard proportions. What one can say then is that all of  
Marx's volume 3 invariants hold.

I did open VicenÁ's Excel file, but only looked at it briefly. I did  
not understand it. I find it a challenge to document a spreadsheet.

It is true than when an economy is in standard proportions, it can  
theoretically grow smoothly. But the economy can theoretically grow  
smoothly, with Sraffa's prices prevailing, when the economy is out of  
standard proportions too. Think what happens if consumption baskets  
are not in standard proportions, but levels of operation of each  
process are such that needs for use are exactly met.

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